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Find the Right Ceiling Fan
Select the right size. Though 52-inch fans are the most popular, that size—give or take a couple of inches—works best in rooms that are 22to 400 square feet. Choose a 42- to 44-inch model for 14to 22square feet. Opt for a larger fan if your room size is on the borderline, and run it on a slower speed, which will be quieter.

Suit your style. From basic to ornate, ceiling fans can bring back memories of “Casablanca” or have a Jetsons-like modern twist. Motor-cover finishes include brass, bronze, and pewter. Basic fan blades have a paddle shape, but variations include oval and leaf shapes or wickerlike textures. Finishes include cherry, oak, maple, and painted.
Check the wet/damp rating. If you’re placing a ceiling fan in a bathroom or outdoors, you need to find one that meets UL’s wet/damp rating. If the fan is indoors in a moist room, look for a UL damp rating. https://supsekens.com/best-ceiling-mounted-fan. If it will be placed outdoors on a porch, look for one with a UL wet rating. Energy Star says that fans with these ratings have such features as sealed moisture-resistant motors, rust-resistant housing, stainless steel hardware, and all-weather blades.
Match the Fan to the Room
The style you choose should add to the room décor, like a piece of furniture. You might want to install more than one fan in very large spaces, such as a great room, or if your home has an open floor plan.
Hang it high. A fan at to feet is best for optimal airflow, so if your ceiling is higher, use a downrod to position the fan at the proper height.

Connect with color. Coordinating a fan’s finish with other furnishings helps create unity and balance in a room. You can match the color of a wood https://supsekens.com/best-ceiling-mounted-fan the floor. Metal fan finishes can coordinate with doorknobs, cabinet hardware, and even kitchen faucets and bathroom fixtures.
Blend it in. If you want to make a fan less obvious, choose a very simple style in a color that blends in with the ceiling. A flush-mounted fan will disappear into the ceiling a bit more.
I too had this question in mind when I was https://supsekens.com/best-ceiling-mounted-fan ceiling fan, but then I researched and got the right answer to this question. You can’t install a fan made for indoor use on the outside of your house. You need to buy and install an outdoor ceiling fan because it is designed to operate in harsh environments.
Material & Color
It is very important for you to discern the material used in the construction of an outdoor ceiling fan because the type of material used is going to determine the resistance level of the fan. An outdoor ceiling fan is made from a wide range of materials like wood, galvanized steel, stainless steel, iron and aluminium.
Whereas, you will also find a huge number of ceiling fans made with plastic, especially ABS plastic. Therefore, if you want to buy something durable, something that lasts for a long time, then stainless steel or aluminum is a good choice. If you want to buy a classic outdoor ceiling fan, then wood can be a great option.

As far as the color of the fan is concerned, you will have to choose the color that you think blends well with the color and design of your porch. Make sure that the ceiling fan fits perfectly with the surroundings. For instance, if you have a rustic porch, then you can’t have a trendy ceiling fan hooked up to the ceiling, as that won’t look good at all. You need to buy a rustic-themed fan or something that looks more traditional.
Almost every outdoor ceiling fan comes with speed settings, but you should check this feature when buying a ceiling fan because, at times, people end up buying the only bad piece from the lot (happens a lot with me). Varying speeds will allow you to sit comfortably under the fan in different weather conditions.
Extra Features
Many manufacturers are adding new features in fans to make them an attractive buy for customers. You will find lights being integrated into the central part of the fan or the inclusion of a remote to control the fan. Look for these features if you have a good budget to play with.
Quiet Ceiling Fans
Summers can get fairly hot – particularly in arid areas where the temperature can easily go over 1degrees. Some people may be used to this temperature – and others are just trying to survive through the summer.

However, who can relax even on their own porch when the heat is threatening to melt their skin off? In this case, the best outdoor ceiling fan will literally seem like a gift sent from the heavens – one that will bring that much-awaited cool breeze.
Still, when there are so many options for you to go for, it is not really that easy to pick out a good model. For this reason, some outdoor ceiling fan reviews should be put in order. Not only will we bring you a few descriptive reviews, but we will also tell you exactly what to look for in an outdoor ceiling fan..