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And just a little more he was. When I met him outside a nearby restaurant (my colleagues didn’t end up leaving and we weren’t in the mood for an audience), he was in a tshirt and jeans. He was unshaven. I don’t think he had even brushed his hair to be honest.

But dinner was lovely. The conversation was interesting and effortless. He wasn’t as quiet as our first date, although he still struck me as a very quiet person. But sitting there looking at the Story Bridge and enjoying a glass of red wine, I couldn’t help but think that quiet could be nice. I just don’t know how he’d go coming along to the German Club. :)

Not that the German Club seems to be his scene. He talked about awesome and expensive restaurants that I’ve wanted to go to for quite a while, but have been saving for a special occasion. By the sounds of things he goes to those places as regularly as I go to the Norman.

It’s really bizarre. Looking at him you’d think he was just another bogan boy. He drives a beat-up Ford 4WD, he wears tshirts everywhere, and he needs a serious haircut. But if you ignore the packaging, he’s a successful business owner, with great taste in food and wine, who regularly travels the globe. At least he’s not high maintenance I guess!

Half an hour after we finished eating, we were still just sitting and talking. But it was time to go. He paid for dinner, and said he’d give me a lift home. When we arrived we kept chatting in the car. Until we were both obviously so busy thinking about kissing, that there was nothing left to say. I moved in for the kiss goodnight, and it was a nice kiss. So nice I went back for seconds. And thirds.

He’s a great kisser! YAY!

When I was tucked up in bed I sent him a text:

ME: Thanks again for dinner :) definitely not so long between drinks next time.

HIM: Agreed! Slightly nervous as to whether I was going to kiss you though.